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Racing Crankshafts
Roush Yates Used Crankshafts
Connecting Rods
Roush Yates Connecting Rods
Pistons and Wrist Pins
Used Piston, Used Wrist Pins
Cylinder Heads
At this time we have a very limited amount of C3 and D3 cylinder heads. These are bare heads and each head is pressure tested before being sold for quality assurance. We do have rocker saddles and shims for the J2K rockers (both intake and exhaust) and we now have a Jesel Sportsman Series rocker bar with rockers in the new parts section.

If you would like more information please call us at 704-662-6982 or send us an e-mail at parts@roushyates.com.

Intake Manifolds
Roush Yates intake manifolds
Belt Drives, Pulleys and Brackets
Roush Yates Pulleys
 Roush Yates Used Racing Engines
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